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A prayer for purpose

God, I thank you for my life and how far you’ve brought me. You have been so good to me even when I do not even deserve it. Who am I that you are so mindful of me? I’m sorry for the times I have strayed from your presence. Forgive me oh Lord. I look at my life and I feel that there’s more. I know I was made for more. This cannot be all that there is to me. This is why I come to you today asking you to lead me to my purpose. I don’t just want to occupy space here on earth. I want to live a long and meaningful life. Guide me to me destiny, so that I can fully manifest what I was made for.

I want more meaning to life. Lead me to the right people that I need in every season of my life. Deliver me from deceivers and time wasters. Show me the way Lord. Where you lead, I will follow because therein lies my destiny. Open my eyes to truly see what is best for me and what you truly want me to see. May I no longer be carried away by the flashy things that keep distracting me. Help me to be focused on you and where you are leading me. Expose every fake friend that keeps pulling me away from the core of my existence. I want to live a life that is pleasing to you.

The Bible says that your word is a lamp to my feet and a light unto my path. Help me dear Lord to spend time studying your word and developing my relationship with you. I know it is from here that I can get the right direction. I want to grow in you so that I can live life to the fullest and at the end of life you will say to me; well-done, thou good and faithful servant. All this I ask through Christ Jesus our Lord, amen.

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