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Restoring reception

Ladies I want to ask you all a couple of questions.

Do you believe that God speaks?

Do you recognize WHEN and HOW God speaks?

In today’s world everything can be so loud. The demands of life can be overwhelming at times. We go through these traumatic experiences that causes us to sometimes ask the question, where is God? Our sight is messed up. Our faith is messed up and it causes our hearing to be off. We can get so distracted with all the noise that’s around us that we tend to misinterpret what God is saying or maybe not even hear him at all.

There’s noise around us all the time. Our jobs, our kids, music, social media, our business, TV, our phone, our different devices, people, our spouses. Or we’re always busy or always on the go so we are never still enough or aware enough to see and hear the voice of God. We can be so distracted that we cannot hear God when he’s speaking or maybe you just don’t know when he’s speaking, or you don’t recognize his voice. Because it’s not that he’s not speaking in fact, he talks all the time.

The question is are you listening? Are you paying attention? Sometimes you have to put the phone down and get away to your secret and quiet place and have a dialogue with God. Not a monologue because a monologue is just a one-way conversation and it’s not always about what we have to say. God wants to speak too. That’s some of our problem today because we want to sit down and talk to God and ask for things or ask for direction but never make room or time to listen to what he has to say.

You have to turn the volume down on the things that are distracting you from hearing his voice. If you have people around you who are blocking your service and connection with God, let them go because your environment does matter. When you are in a certain environment sometimes it can block certain types of services or in other words, blessings. Then you wonder why you are not going where God wants you to go because you have allowed certain people to be in your space and in your environment and they are blocking your service and your blessings.

For example, it’s just like a cell phone. A cell phone requires reception or WIFI in-order for it to work right? When you go into a stadium or you’re around a lot of trees and you hit a dead zone now your reception is bad. It’s not working. The dead zone is blocking your reception from coming in. What if we had that same theory about hearing God’s voice?

You can’t hear God properly because you’re in a dead zone and there are people surrounded around you who are blocking your sight and stopping up your ears so you cannot hear God correctly. The reception is lost. The connection is off.

What do you do when you have bad reception on your phone? You walk around with your phone in the air or sticking it out the window or physically you’re moving around trying to find reception. You are trying every way possible to get out of the dead zone just to get some reception. Well, I have a question for you?

Are you willing to move around and get out of the dead zone so that you can tune back into the reception of God? Are you willing to let some people go, clean up your environment, quiet down the noise, unclog your ears, leave that toxic relationship, forgive, leave the past in the past and soften your heart, so that you can tune back in to the reception of God.

Too often we can be so focused on do we have reception on our phone rather than do we have reception and connection with the Father. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Cricket, none of them can compare to the connection that we have or want to have with God. His connection stays strong. It’s doesn’t waver, it doesn’t mess up, it doesn’t have static, it doesn’t fade, it doesn’t drop. It’s a strong, powerful, consistent, never changing, never-ending, reliable, trustworthy connection. That’s a promise and I refuse to let anybody jeopardize my vertical connection.

Do you feel like you've lost your connection with God? All you have to do is get out of the dead zone and restore your connection because he wants to speak to you but you have to be focused enough to hear him. Make time to hear his voice Queen. He loves you.

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