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Welcome to a sisterhood of healing, restoring and evolving.

Girl, did you know that you are a Kings daughter, and you have a crown attached to your head? We as women

are coming together to put in the necessary work to tear down walls

and tap into our divinity as women. We are going to silence the

voice that keeps trying to talk us out of being the best version of

ourselves and be who God has called us to be. 

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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"It's time to allow God to heal, restore, and redeem you so that

you can step into the next version of yourself. She's waiting"

-Keyvonna Beamon

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Resilient Queen is a movement made up of women who refuse to loose when life gets “a lick in on us”. We are coming together to uplift, educate, support, help and remind each other that we are QUEENS and we serve a God who heals, restores AND redeems. We are going to get in position to make some noise and awaken the spirit man that is down on the inside of us. I am the true definition of what resilience looks like and so are you. Queen, it is time to claim your crown and soar.

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